WeChat cross border mCommerce
Selling to China thourgh WeChat

Generate sales from China

WeChat e-shop has its ready-to-use built in functionality in Official Account. In-store visitors are converted into Official Account followers. It bridges the Offline-to-Online gap for merchants to generate recurrent sales via continuous engagement and shares on Moment.

Integrate with cross border payments

Customers can shop and pay anywhere in the world. Payments are settled in local currency and no remittance from mainland is necessary. Superb user experience with rapid payment journey can minimize drop out rate.

Applied with a non Chinese business license

Global merchants can apply official account using foreign business license. No ICP verification for website from mainland China is necessary. Merchants can directly manage the e-shop at local countries.

Group Buying | Reward | Referral

WeChat e-shop supports group buying such that users are motivated to share on social media. The reward function encourages users to spend and earn rewards for gifts I discounts redemption. Further, the referral capability allows massive growth of sales by leveraging users’ friends network.

Membership & CRM

WeChat e-shop supports membership such that merchant can collect in-depth profile from clients. Together with CRM functionality, merchants can fully understand the members’ behavior, facilitating customize promotion to obtain best result.

HK Pricing
Cross Border
Global Official Account Setup Fee
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Basic package

Per month


Membership program
Group buying & coupon
Content production & post
WeChat activity planning
KOL advertising
Guaranteed followers

4 times / month
1 time / year
2 times / year

Elite package

Per month


New product design
WeChat activity planning
KOL advertising
Guaranteed followers

8 SKUs / month
4 time / year
10 times / year

Service Workflow

Cross Border

1.5 months

  • Global official account application
    30 business days
  • WeChat shop setup
    Menu setting
    Content editing
    Product info upload
    30 business days
  • Launch